Into The Sun

by Sons Of Sounds

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    Studioalbum 2017

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released September 15, 2017

DIGIPACK, 10 TRACKS, 58:51 min

Roman Beselt: Vocals & Bassguitar
Wayne Beselt: Vocals & Guitar
Hubert “H” Beselt: Drums & Drums
Lyrics by Roman Beselt
All rights reserved.

Guest vocals on Track 10 by David Readman
Percussion, jaw harp & voice effects on Track 6 by Roman Beselt
Produced, mixed & mastered by Martin Buchwalter – Gernhard Studio Germany
Frontcover artwork & portrait as handmade pyrography art by Hel in Person - Art'n more... (
Digital artwork & album design concept by Olli Buster - BustersDesign (
Photography by Arno Kohlem - Arno Kohlem Photodesign (

P+C Eucalypdisc Records 2017
In distribution of Herbie Martin Music


all rights reserved



Sons Of Sounds Karlsruhe, Germany

Sons of Sounds

Sons of Sounds. Three brothers. An unshakeable faith. A progressive heavy rock ensemble. Plus five albums and tours in Europe and the US. And as if that wasn't enough, they are also on stage in their home country – in their own club, the Soundcheck One. Accompanied by guests such as Paul DiAnno, Night Demon, Q5 or Blaze Bayley who share the stage with the Sons. ... more

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Track Name: Into The Sun

You shone so bright as I saw black
When I lost my mind, you brought me back
I feel your presence when I’m alone
So many times you saved my bones

I don’t need a company, ‘cause I feel you and you feel me
Maybe when the time is right, you’ll take me to the other side

I wait for you, my angel, take me out of this place
Come for me, my angel, let me see your face
I’m ready for my angel, when my life is done
I will follow you into the sun

As I tried to leave this world behind
I heard your voice inside my mind
When I fell down and drifted away
Thank you, I’m still alive today

You taught me how to call you
When I don’t know what I am to do
One day, when the time is right, you’ll take me to the other side

Stay with me, my angel, wherever I roam
I wait for you, my angel, to carry me home
I’m ready for my angel, when my life is done
I will follow you into the sun

My final journey has begun
From holy ground into the sun
I see a face behind the light
It is myself from the other side
Track Name: One Sky

You came down here from far away, chose another role to play
Separated from unity, lost in confusion of duality

It’s not about your DNA, this is your time, this is your day
Cosmic knowledge in your mind
Explains that we’re all of the same kind

Face to face and skin to skin, something holy is within
Connecting brain and heart, conjuring a brand new start

I help you up when you feel weak
I make you strong when you feel weak
I build you up when you feel weak
Carry you home, help you to seek
The voice inside that speaks to you, so magical and true
Now I can see your inner child ‘cause you’re my brother/sister

Because we have the same blood
So beautiful and red like flowers in your head
We’re under the same sky
Hand in hand, we stand as free men of the land
Because we share the same sky, we’re under the same sky
Yes, we have the same sky, we’re under the same sky
Track Name: Soulcleaner

All the things I’m gonna tell you now are not just fantasy
About a little girl that has the gift to visit places we can’t see
Before she learned to use it right it’d been a long way full of fear
She grew up and began to trust herself and stopped to disappear

Now she knows her fate
For what she was made

She’s a soul cleaner and she’s never afraid of ghosts
She’s the soul cleaner, guiding lost souls into the light
She’s a soul cleaner and she’s never afraid of ghosts
She’s the soul cleaner, she knows the way to the other side
And she’s never afraid of ghosts,
She is never afraid of ghosts,
Nobody should be afraid of ghosts

She remembered when her grandma’s gone but for her she wasn’t dead
As her body laid six feet underground, she saw her spirit on her bed
But she hasn’t found the words to say and make the people understand

Now she knows the way
Lost souls follow her ray

There is so much more than you conceive, a world with different rules
No space, no time, no flesh, no blood
Your heart and sense are your only tools
But it’s up to you to walk through this door
Or still live like slaves and fools
Track Name: Cosmic Queen

You are the daughter of the sun, the angels’ helping hand
You are the flower of the gods
The shining star above the holy land

You caught me in the middle of my ride
Brought me back my hope and creed
Helped me remember my past life
Understand that love is all we need

My CQ, I love you so, this is all that you need to know
From far away you came down to me
From my dreams to reality
My CQ, where have you been
My CQ, you’re so cosmic!!!

Freedom, Peace and Harmony surround my beating heart
Feeling that I am complete, ‘cause you were my missing part
When a spark becomes a fire and two souls touch this flame
Recognize we’re soulmates and our hearts do feel the same

I found you in a world of magic
Saw you dancing with the fairies and I still feel you
For a moment, it seems so tragic,
I feared that this was my last chance to see you
But I’ve found you

My CQ, do you hear my voice inside your mind
My CQ, I have the feeling that we’re the last of our kind
My CQ, I will never forget your astral eyes
My Q-Q, every night I call your name out into the Skies
Track Name: Flame Of Trinity

I know it is not easy to find the words to explain
What’s going on inside your mind
You try but it’s hard to handle to heal your wounds
And make a step out of the dark.

Solutions, illusions, use the power of your heart and learn to feel

In the flame of trinity is the love of unity
Forgive yourself for what you’ve done
‘Cause you’re the father and the son
In the flame of trinity lives the spirit that you can see
So come closer to the flame, like a child playing a game

Welcome, my friend, sit around my fire
Chill your bones and let me sing, let me sing for you
Do you see the big spark that dances for you in the dark
Take the demons of your past, release them into the light

Illusions, solutions, use the power of your heart and learn to feel

The holy flame of trinity shines and burns for you and me
The salvation lies in you, use the flame to go through
The holy flame of trinity cleans your soul and makes you free
Don’t be afraid and touch the flame, like a child playing a game
Track Name: Blood Of The Shamans

Wherever I come from and wherever I go
There is always a story deep under the snow

Mother Earth is still bleeding
As I hold back my tears
But my sad heart’s still beating
And I chase my fears in…

…The blood of the shamans
It’s calling my name and I know that I have to follow
I go back to my roots to create my new tomorrow
By the sign of the hawk and the snake, I pass the gate
To a place far beyond where the stars shine for me
Maybe one day you’ll be able to see
What I’ve found in the blood of the shamans

I keep on searching, let the wind be my guide
I will need all my courage for this last cosmic ride

The knowledge of healing
And the spell of the woods
I stare into the fire
And remember my roots in…

When you open your mind you will see
What I’ve found in the blood of the shamans
In the blood of the shamans
The blood of the shamans
Track Name: Illumination

33 degrees you have to pass, they promised you a sweet caress
But you are just a toy I guess in a game like chess
You notice that you were betrayed and your heart is full of hate
But now, for you it is too late to change your fate

It’s not enough to speak our mind, we are here to lead the blind
Open our eyes for one last time and we will see
Open our hands for one last time and we will get

Illumination-fire in the sky
Illumination-here comes the mother of all lies

Why did you spread your poison seed? So many times you let us bleed
Even when you try your final cheat, we have our creed!
For all the things that you have done, did god send his only son?
Now you can’t sleep without a gun, no time to run!

So many will follow the rules of tomorrow
So many will fall but we’re standing tall
So many will follow but we’ll show no sorrow
So many will fall, the greatest of all
So many will die but we’re still alive
So many will leave but we are free

Illumination-fire in the sky
Illumination-here comes the mother of all lies
Illumination-fire in the sky
Revelation-expose the biggest lie
Killumination-time to free the human race
Track Name: Going Home

Nothing seems the same but sometimes there’s no difference
This is how we play the game
Can you hear me?
So many books I’ve read, so many times I wondered
Why I don’t feel regret?
Can you see me?
Remember all the points which made my life so special
Donate the ferryman my coins…

I wanna go home, deep inside of me
I wanna go home into the light I see
I wanna go home, to meet myself again
I wanna go home, as deep as I can

Discovered so many lies, learned how to use my voice inside
There are still secrets in the skies
I close my eyes now!

The dependence on my body holds me here in space and time
But my spirit knows the way that is the prime
Evolution of our cosmic entity is our gift to free ourselves
From illusions finally we can live eternally

I smell the flowers and sometimes I hear them grow
Minutes and hours melting away like snow
I see myself from high above through eagle eyes
Asking the sun to show me how I can arise
Track Name: Time Is Running Out

This is gonna be the day, when the world is standing still
And we recognize that only love can save us from the end
This is gonna be the day, when our time is running out
Accept the truth that everything is coming back to you

My beloved friends the time has changed
The last candle is burning
Living on the edge of madness
The old system won’t keep on turning

Throw your weapons to the ground
Heal your wounds, enjoy the sound
Now there is nothing more to do
Let the wave surround you

Stay inside the circle of the universe
We have the magic in us to break the final curse
I’m on my way, everything is alright
Together we’ve almost made it, shining side by side
Track Name: Before I Die

It’s a long way home from past till now until tomorrow.
Keep the key to your dreams, never lose or borrow.
Religion doesn't save your soul, deep inside you’ll find the answer.
Don’t waste your tears and forget your fears.

I’ll be watching you, my friend
It’s the beginning, not the end.

Say my name when you look at me, keep on shining, living free
Show me your smile when we say goodbye, before I die
Remember me if you’ve lost your way.
Just get ready for another day.
Trust your heart and don’t forget to fly, before I die.

Keep your eyes on things you love, and feed your inner beauty
Clear your mind, don’t run too fast, you might miss the wonders
Love yourself the way you are forgive your brothers and your sisters
Start to live the life you want…

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