In The Circle Of The Universe

by Sons Of Sounds

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The magic inside of your heart......
Heavy Metal. Rush. from Karlsruhe Germany
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released May 17, 2016


all rights reserved



Sons Of Sounds Karlsruhe, Germany

Sons of Sounds

Sons of Sounds. Three brothers. An unshakeable faith. A progressive heavy rock ensemble. Plus five albums and tours in Europe and the US. And as if that wasn't enough, they are also on stage in their home country – in their own club, the Soundcheck One. Accompanied by guests such as Paul DiAnno, Night Demon, Q5 or Blaze Bayley who share the stage with the Sons. ... more

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Track Name: Magic

Have you ever heard about a place to be?
Where you can fool around and talk to friends
Where that no one else can see
When you’re walking on the thin line of madness and despair
Stand up from the gutter and become a millionaire

It’s a fight inside of you
The way you feel the way you do
Deep inside you hear the voice
Trust yourself and make your choice

What do you want? Go out there and catch your dreams
What do you need? Come and get it now
If you believe, you can really make it happen
You have to find the magic in your heart!

You’re reading in the book of light but can’t find your release
The disappointments in your life follow you like a disease
You watch out for the signs which guide you the right way
Your spirit’s on the starting line but your mind tells you to stay
Track Name: The Machinery

Raindrops turn to acid and the flowers turn to stone
Rainbows in the desert a happy military zone
They want us to stay inside the buildings and starring at the tube
They keep the secrets far away locked in a hidden cube

Watching the storm straight in the eye
Discover truth, erase the lies
Guide by a higher power
Let’s overturn the tower

Eliminate the fear that they taught us since we’re here
Break the rules from inside like an impulse from within
You got to know who you really are and use your inner force
Reactivate the connection to the universal source

No matter what you’ve heard or what you’ve seen
It’s all a game created by the queen
Your heart will recognize the lies behind the scenes
Begin to live, break loose from the machine
Track Name: The Change

Feed me with clouds and stars
You let me drink from your seven seas
What if I kiss the rising full moon?
And then I dance… over the sun

I can share my love with Venus
Because I know where the gods are living
And when you dry my tears with storms

Everything is changing, but not my love for you
Everything is changing, but not my love for this world

Father Sun please hear me now
I talk to you in the name of all mankind
Mother earth feel my words
I give you all my love to heal your wounds

But would you please never let us fall
Would you please hold us tighter and tighter now?

Cover my skin with smoke
Let me hide my spirit in your woods
I lay down on the ground to hear you breath
My soul is old like your stones
Track Name: Exousia

I was born in a cold land where the tigers rule
And escaped from a system created by fools
When I touch fire I don’t get burnt
You can drop me in the ocean but I will return
I saw the devil at a holy place
I would give my life away for the human race

I found diamonds and stones
Secrets no one knows
Opened my eyes as wide as I can
Growing up to be a man

I found traces and bones
Answers no one knows
Opened my mind as wide as I can
Growing up to be a man

Exousia, give me immortality
Exousia, survive cause I’m free

Now it is my turn to bite back the snake
There is so much more I can take
Let me feel the spikes and spine
I drink the scorpion poison you drink the wine
Wash my sins away with reptile blood
Can you see me here I stand and become a god
Track Name: Movie Of My Life

Starring at the wall, watching the movie of my life
See a lot of love and I see a lot of strife
I see ups and downs, crying women and some clowns
See a child growing up too fast, a man who did his best

When I close my eyes, the movie is still there
And I try to get in somehow, try to get inside somewhere
Put your hand in mine I will make you understand
May our words and thoughts will turn this song to a happy end

Now I can see it clearly right before my eyes
Spoken words served with a big smile, cannot hide a lying eye
I try to keep only the parts I really need
I’m out of here because there no more souls for me to feed

You just never realize you’re dead
Sold your soul for the rich man
What’s going on inside your head?
You're walking on the streets of gold
And you breathe the silver dust
How could you be so cold?
Track Name: Rock'N'Roll Monster

The moon is shining black tonight
The snowflakes make me feel alright
The creature is sitting next to me
But only my eyes can see
The stars are dancing in the sky
Madness rules and prudence say goodbye
Please my darling, go ahead
I promise soon, I’ll come to bed

Another scar in my soul, I’m losing control
It’s so hard to quit, like razorblades under my skin
I start to burn and kiss the sin

Rock’n’roll monster, stay away from me
Please set me free, let me go
My rock’n’roll monster, don’t bring me down
And spin me around like a fool
Don’t try to fuck me around like a fool
My rock’n’roll monster

Deep inside the devil’s lake, a spell is always hard to break
Demon wings helped me to fly, I tried to live and I tried to die

Finally I left the lake, I lost a lot, learned from my mistake
My wings are strong enough to fly, now I let my monster die
Track Name: Ikana (A New Awareness)

Going down to the place where the old man lives
And your mind will be free, so your heart will feel what your eyes can’t see
Going down to the place where the old man lives
And the old spirit reigns, where no pain exists
Step by step you will find yourself

Follow the old man into the hills now
He’s got a secret for you that he has to tell
Follow the man with the eagle face
Maybe you will realize that there is no heaven or hell

You will find much more than you expect if you open your mind
Cause we surely all connect, mother earth and all mankind
Lay down your old opinions and let the spirit touch your heart
The revolution in your head is waiting, so come on and let it start

It’s time to wake up now my friend, because your dreams become reality
I promise this is not the end go ahead this is your destiny
Break all the rules which you have learned, walk the way with no return
All the hate in life you have passed by, let it go and let it die

Now touch the ground the stones and bones
See the truth that no one knows
Throw your tears in the lake of sorrow
Now you’re ready for a new tomorrow
Track Name: From Stone To Dime

I thank you for being there,
For giving me life, for taking care.
When I am scared when I’m alone
You’re my shield and you’re my home.

When I’m starring at the sky and face the moon
Deep inside myself I know I’ll see you soon.
I understand that times in life are getting harder
But I know that I am your child and you’re my mother

Mother please don’t cry for me, I will do my best you’ll see
Never looking back again, I hold my future in my hand
Mother let me dry your tears, give me all your doubts and fears
In stormy nights you held me tight, told me everything’s alright

But I wish we had more time
There was so much more to say
As you turned from stone to dime
I’m sorry that I've lost my way

When I was sad, you’ve been my clown
Helped me up when I was down
The day will come when you are gone
But in my heart, you’re the number one
Track Name: Destiny

Sometimes I’m afraid of love, tired of watching things from high above
Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t be here, just to fall asleep and to disappear
Sometimes I’m afraid of love, and ask myself am I strong enough?
Sometimes… and when my mind is so far away
I see your lips are moving - but can’t hear what you’re saying
Sometimes I see the lights go by
When I try to catch them they wind up to the sky

Don’t tell me lies about the sky, my soul is free I flying high
You better listen to the trees, they’ll give you wisdom and release
Playing children on the ground, so much glory they have found
A naked soldier in the snow, shot down himself his death came slow

Sometimes when I feel dead inside
Hiding in the shadows and avoiding the light
Sometimes when my world goes down
I'll try to find my luck in another town

But it’s all a game, and there is nobody left to blame
This is a part of humanity, playing with insanity
But it’s just a game, it makes no difference fame or shame
In chaos and insanity, we try to find our destiny
But were still playing the games, same things with different names
We create our own reality, now we found our destiny
Track Name: Children Of The Light

If you really want to know what you can get
Just open up the box inside your head
If you can’t find the key for the magic door
Just ask the man on the silver floor
Tell me how much more lies do we need
Until we finally awake from sleep?
When the girl cried,
Her tears shined like the diamonds
From the heart of a God
Scrambled through the bushes but didn't kill the leaves
Stroke the holy cow but don’t eat the beef
The ships have landed, but we can’t see
They came down to set us free
Don’t be afraid when the lights fall from the sky
Stay with us, we’ll teach you how to fly

Show us a new way to live, how to love and to forgive
Maybe you think that I’m not right, so ask the children of the light

They remind us who we are, fill their knowledge in our jar
Their crystal eyes glisten bright, they are the children of the light

They came from far away, and have so much to say
Help us to make it to the other side
God bless the children of the light
We have to save the children of the light
Track Name: Thirteen Crystal Skulls

One and one is not just two
Strong like eleven that’s me and you
Purple flowers inside my head
Find your thoughts and extend the spread

When feelings replace the words
Without lies, nobody get hurts
Wake up inside your dream and tell me
Are you those who you want to be

But when all pain is gone
You found peace all is done
Maybe finally you’ll come back to life

The white dragon comes, for you and me
Maybe he will set us free, we will see
It depends on you and me

13 Crystal Skulls could bring the change
Only human hearts can get the range
Track Name: My Star

I’m swimming through an endless sea of thoughts
As I try to compile the angels tears
I’m walking through black mountains, walls and rocks
My third eye guides me inside my biggest fears

I've built a fire and talked to the flames
They gave me signs but could not tell me your name
I left my body to reach for your hand
I hoped to find you soon in the forbidden land

But then you came from the stars, where I was born
You came from my star, to take me home

Now I can feel your presence more and more
Follow your shadows now onto the silver floor
It must be you, now I know it for sure
It’s time to open the final door

No matter where you’ve been or where you are
With my love I will heal your scars
Lights will fall down from the sky
As I hear your silent cry
Track Name: Sirius & Mars

Strange vibes go through my body
It seems like I don’t need it anymore
The morphic field knows my story
It’s cast in stone and saved within the core

Stardust fills my lungs as I realize I’m home
Finally it’s over, the time of being alone
Brothers and sisters it feels so good to see you
Our time has come, we have great things to do!
Brothers and sisters it feels so good to meet you
Time to get ready, cause we have great things to do!

Our global mind will show the way,
no need for hope, no need to pray
See the signs between the stars,
it’s gonna happen when the Sirius kisses the Mars

So many light years I was travelling out there
Living lives and went through nightmares
Found the sun deep inside of me
Understood myself and how life should be
I will cross all bridges and stop to bleed,
I wasn’t born to follow I am here to lead

IN THE CIRCLE OF THE UNIVERSE we're connected in a special way
Find our resurrection in the void between night and day
So we watch out for the signs between the stars
We’ll see it’s gonna happen when the Sirius kisses the Mars

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